Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector's Box

In celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the legendary Resident Evil series we have created the first and only limited Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box.

The Collector’s Box is inspired by the storage box of the Resident Evil 1 Remake game first released back in 2002. It is by far the safest place in the game (and actually the only one) to store your belongings and protect them from the outbreak. Talking about the outbreak: the First Aid Spray item has helped our heroes to survive the zombie outbreak since 1996. We are proudly presenting you a whole new refreshing experience with ingredients right out of the game. Our green tea-lemon-ginger blend is a perfect fit for the world of Resident Evil. To save your progress in the game, players had to find Ink Ribbons hidden around the mansion and other locations. To simplify your search this time we have also added 4 Ink Ribbon tin cans to the Collector’s Box. We have included the iconic herbs in the colors green, red, blue and yellow to the Ink Ribbon tin cans along with cocktail recipe cards based on our First Aid Spray drink to create your very own tasting experience. It is time to finally experience a new way to enjoy the Resident Evil franchise on a whole new level.

The Storage Box

Creating a box not only for storage purposes but also to savely ship the First Aid Drink cans was no easy task to accomplish, especially after we decided to include a total of 10 cans. During the design process we went through several approaches on how the box could look like and what would fit into the world of Resident Evil. Going through the different in-game items of the first game we pretty quickly decided, that the Storage Box would be the perfect fit for that. model to realize our vision. But throughout the development process we faced some challenges, like ‘how much weight can the box carry?’ and ‘how many layers inside the box are needed in order to give the box more height?’, whilst keeping the design as close as possible to the in-game storage box. We have published some early ideas, in-game screenshots as well as technical drawings from the final box for you to review, enjoy!

The First Aid Spray Drink

When it comes to drinks in the Resident Evil franchise there are many options that come to mind. But regarding the container of the drink we figured a can is more fitting to the original in-game item than a glass bottle. During the brainstorming phase we had two opposing ideas: Should we go with a more ‘evil looking’ theme (keyword: virus) or should we approach this topic from a more ‘friendly’ perspective? We came to the conclusion that we would like to focus on the positive recovery items of the game and the First Aid Spray was the first item that popped into our mind to perfectly represent the franchise. Regarding the ingredients of the drink our idea is to convert herbs, spices and fruits from the game universe to the real world. You will be surprised how tasty the First Aid Spray in Resident Evil can be.

The Ink Ribbon Can

During the production of the Storage Box we thought about more ways to include additional goodies other than the First Aid Spray drinks. While thinking about a way to store the other goodies like the herbs, we had different ideas of small storage products, like bags made out of paper or plastic, small wodden boxes or even hand-woven bags. Eventually we agreed on adding another in-game item from Resident Evil to the box in order to extend its storage capabilities: Ink Ribbon cans. If you have ever played one of the classic titles of the series, you have certainly come across these small items needed to save your game. They were hidden throughout the game and limited in number. Our Ink Ribbon cans will not be hidden but also limited in number. Each Storage Box will include 4 Ink Ribbon cans, each will be filled with one of the 4 different herbs, but feel free to use them for any other appropriate purpose. It is up to you on how to make the best use of one of the most valuable hidden gems in the game. 

The Spray Cap

The biggest challenge from our Storage Box is the smallest item included: The Spray Cap. It might not seem like it but this little fellow was a huge challenge and no easy task to accomplish! One of our first ideas was to include spray cans instead of drink cans. But it turned out, there were simply too many hurdles to realize this concept. One of the biggest challenges was to fill a compressed spray can with a delicious drink. To make things more flexible we have decided to separate the drink cans and the Spray Cap. With the Spray Cap separately included you can decide your favorable way of displaying the First Aid Spray drink even after enjoying its contents. 

The Herbs & Cocktail Recipe Cards

One of the key items from the Resident Evil series are the different colored herbs, especially the green one mixed with the red herb. Including these herbs in the Storage Box was something we definetly wanted to achieve. We had to face two main challenges here, the first one being the way to store herbs inside a box with lots of other products. This challenge was resolved thanks to the Ink Ribbon cans, which will hold the herbs. The other challenge however was a much more difficult task to accomplish: Which herbs would fit the color? Diving deeper into the Resident Evil lore was a helpful way to learn a lot more about the world the game takes place in. Which region is the mansion located in? Is there a forest nearby? What kind of herbs could grow in that forest? All these questions led up to the herbs we have decided to include in the box. But why include herbs if they don’t have any intended use? Good question! The answer is simple and is also included inside the Storage Box: (non-alcoholic) Cocktail Recipe Cards! The recipes were created with ingredients from inside the box and other easily acquired ingredients. Feel free to create your very own drink! 

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